General Conf Grup is one of the companies within a holding, set up with Romanian private capital, which manufactures and sells mainly individual equipment for labor and persons’ protection and military equipment as well. Our products provide life, environment and information protection. The object of activity of the holding consists in environment cleansing (water, earth, air), providing labor medicine services (specific tests, counseling, certifications), servicing for various equipment (gas detectors, extinguishers), etc.
Ever since 1994 – the year it began its activity, GCG has constantly grown and has always showed great importance to the items sold, the services offered, varying its production, imposing a quality that has made it rank among the top companies of its kind on the Romanian and foreign market, fact certified by the numerous first ratings (see the attached link) within the country and in Bucharest Municipality. Our main stable clients - ever since our first contracts - can guarantee for the quality of our products and services. We would like to list only some of the over 300 we are dealing with:
the Ministry of Administration and Home Affairs, the Ministry of National Defense, Romtelecom S.A. (Romtelecom Joint Stock Company),  RATB URAC, AIBO S.A., TAROM, EXPROGAZ MEDIAS S.A., DISTRIGAZ SUD S.A., ROMAN S.A., SNP PETROM S.A., CNH PETROSANI R.A., RAL Tg. Jiu, NUCLEAR ELECTRICA S.A., ABB, CENTRALE PORTILE DE FIER (Portile de Fier Power Plant), APA NOVA, DTC S.A., ISPAT Galati, Constanta Port, the Presidency of Romania, TVR, PRO TV etc.
Besides manufacturing individual protection and labor equipment, general use ready-made clothes, anti-explosive protection equipment, radiation protection equipment, military tents and tents for civilian use, special ready-made clothes for the army, police and civil protection, equipment and materials for environment cleansing, protection creams, manual detergents and hygienic-cleaning materials, special costumes for the military and civilian firemen, the only company licensed to trade on the domestic and foreign markets within the European Community, sells around 1100 domestic and imported products, only a few of which are: costumes for working at -200°C, in cryogen environment, anti-explosive tools and any other protection equipment requested by the client, offering integral material packages upon request.
Ever since its setting up in 1994, GCG has constantly been increasing its business figure, which in 2003 exceeded ROL 130,000,000,000.
Wishing to provide and keep a constant quality for its products and management, GCG is certified ISO 9001/2000 by de catre AEROQ Certification Body and ISO 9001/2001 by the Certification Bodies of NG-CCAS-MAI and OMCAS - MapN.
Using only new, imported equipment, domestic and foreign raw materials and accessories provided only with quality certificate by the best suppliers, the GCG group of companies provides special quality for all its products. Most products are OSIM protected, certified and homologated by the competent Romanian or EC organizations. The company obtains special patents and licenses from the state ministries and central research institutes, when and wherever necessary.
We would like to specify that we are the only licensed manufacturing company in Romania that produces intervention costumes for civilian firemen, heat, water and flame resistant costumes. We also produce costumes for military firemen as well as special costumes for forest fires. We manufacture a range of products under GCG patent – work vests, life jackets and leisure vests as well.  
Among other highly-specialized products, we manufacture Tyvek anti-chemical costumes - also used for handling radioactive material, anti-shock and anti-static helmets used in mining, helmets for firemen and the police, but also detergents or skin caring cosmetics for skin exposed to the action of mineral oils or other chemical and mechanic products.
GCG manufactures NBC protection costumes for the military or for disasters (accidents or terrorism).
Moreover, besides office furniture, computer equipment and stationery, we have started manufacturing and selling lighting and signaling systems for protecting the work area, the workers on roadways.
These are just a few of a very long list of imported or domestic products manufactured or sold by us, products you can find in the links of this web page.


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